Media in a Globalized World

Professor Oliver Boyd-Barrett 



Robert W. McChesney (University of Illinois):

"Oliver Boyd-Barrett's MEDIA IMPERIALISM is both a sweeping and accessible introduction to the topic as well as a highly provocative assessment of a large range of issues concerning media and politics. As absurd as this sounds for a book of this nature, I found it difficult to put down. This is an ideal book for students."

John D.H. Downing (Global Media Research Center, Southern Illinois University):

"Boyd-Barrett brings together a remarkably wide array of media experiences and practices from around the planet and invites us to look closely at their power, viewed on differing levels through the critical lens of 'imperialism'."

Pradip Ninan Thomas, University of Queensland

"Combining new evidence with old, Oliver Boyd-Barrett's masterful exploration of the history and contemporary status of media imperialism highlights the fact that its obituary was premature. Its specific contours may have changed but Disney and Time Warner along with Google and Facebook and a smattering of regional media behemoths exercise the power to make agendas including the legitimization of conquest through war and other means. This is a significant and timely book."