Media in a Globalized World

Professor Oliver Boyd-Barrett 




Professor Oliver Boyd-Barrett is available to present media-related lectures and seminars in any part of the world.

For a standard fee in addition to costs of travel and lodging, he offers a package that includes one major public lecture, one graduate research seminar (or equivalent) and up to two media-related classes.

Topics are negotiable but can include among the following: media imperialism; international communication; news agencies; war propaganda; media coverage of events in Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria.

Boyd-Barrett regularly teaches the following courses for quarter-based, semester-based or summer school formats, via undergraduate, postgraduate, conventional or online learning:

The Business of Hollywood

Communication Theory

Communications Research

Development Communication

Intercultural Communication

International Communication

Mass Communication and Society

Media Campaigns

Media and Globalization

Media Research

Media, War and Propaganda

News Agencies

Political Economy of Media

Propaganda and Persuasion